Public Deliverables

D1.3: Data Management Plan (final)
D1.4: Regulatory, societal, ethical and gender issues report

D2.1: SoA on data spaces & secure information sharing
D2.2: User Requirements and Use Cases
D2.3: System Technical Specifications and PLIADES Framework Architecture
D2.4: Security and privacy issues related to data spaces
D2.5: Human factors across data life cycles in dataspaces

D3.3: Sustainable data generation and refinement for mobility, industrial, energy, and healthcare
D3.4: Mechanisms and techniques for injecting human knowledge into the data creation process
D3.5: Extending data re-use capacity through AI-enabled data elaboration methods
D3.7: Cross-domain data Governance ensuring Quality and Legal adherence

D4.1: Multi-dataspace integration techniques for efficient data management and re-use
D4.3: Augmenting mobility intelligence through Privacy-preserving data sharing and analysis techniques
D4.7: GDPR Compliance and Enhanced Privacy for Mapping Personal Data Flows

D5.1: Unified Abstraction Framework for Enhancing Interoperability across Multiple Data Spaces
D5.2: Seamless Cross-Domain Data Exchange for Enhanced Data Interoperability
D5.5: Empowering Strategies for Inclusive AI Model Development and Sustainable Data Maintenance
D5.6: Robust AI-Enhanced Data Transformation Ensuring Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing

D6.5: Cross-source and AI-Enabled data quality assessment and improvement strategies

D7.1: System demonstration, pilots Specification and pilot sites preparation plan

D8.1: Dissemination and communication plan
D8.2: Dissemination and Communication Activities Report (v1)
D8.3: Dissemination and Communication Activities Report (v2)
D8.4: Dissemination and Communication Activities Report (v3)
D8.5: Report on European Standardization Policy and Sustainability Landscape Analysis
D8.8: Report on European Interoperability Framework Contributions
D8.9: Report on European Interoperability Framework Contributions (final)