International Data Spaces e.V.

International Data Spaces e.V. (IDSA)

Location: Dortmund, Germany
Role: Beneficiary – Non-profit organisation

IDSA is non-profit association, consisting of 140+ members. Our mission is to set up standards of the digital infrastructure with relevant architecture, components, element to enable save and secure sovereign data sharing, mainly data spaces. Our core achievements and assets we offer for the project:

  • IDS Certification Scheme: governs certification processes, rules, and standards within IDS.
  • IDS Reference Architecture Model: basis for IDS-compliant data exchange, emphasizing data sovereignty, certification, security, and governance.
  • IDSA Rule Book: essential for real-world implementation of IDS-based ecosystems, covering technical, operational, and legal aspects.
  • IDS Connector: enables data policy attachment, enforcement, and provenance tracking, acting as a gateway and trusted environment for data and services.
  • Data Space Protocol: facilitates interoperable data spaces with defined schemas and protocols.
  • Testbed 1: Open-Source IDS Core Components Setup, verifying component adherence to IDS specifications for connections and communication, ensuring interoperability with all IDS components in the testbed setup.
  • Testbed 2: Component Behaviour Testing, conducting interoperability testing against key IDS components, serving as preparation for IDS certification, acting as a starting point for creating data spaces.
Partner role in the PLIADES project:

Leading the scope of the European Data Interoperability Framework and Standardization within the project.
Bringing IDSA network and provide opportunities for clustering, collaborations, and promotion of the PLIADES ecosystem Special Sciences and Humanities.
Contributions Support and guidance in building data spaces and use cases, establishing them on IDSA Radar, enhance knowledge basis.
Interconnection and alignment with other projects and initiatives, will seek liaison with the most relevant EU communities involving potentially interested stakeholders (e.g. DSSC, Common European dataspaces).
Leverage IDSA high positioning in the data economy networking for disseminating and promotion value and assets of projects.