Hypertech S.A.

Hypertech S.A.

Location: Athens, Greece
Role: Beneficiary – SME

Hypertech, is a sum of 40+ creative and analytical professionals based in Greece, providing digital transformation, communication, and research & innovation solutions to public organisations, cultural institutions, and private businesses all over the EU.

1997 was the year it all started. But since then, the company has accomplished so many great things that makes both management and employees feel proud about and always excited about the new chapters to come.

Through the strategic use of communication channels, technology, and data, Hypertech constantly generates ideas, designs the right tools, and helps organisations exploit more opportunities both within and without.

The company has undergone huge growth. Especially in recent years, it has gained further resources and developed three different units: Digital Experience, Energy Labs, and a-quant, all to better accommodate the needs of our clients and partners.

Hypertech offers results that satisfy both stakeholders and the end-user. Combining communication science with our technical know-how, creative design, and a customer-centric approach, we help both clients and partners navigate better within the digital world. From technology and data to marketing and design, transformation, research, and innovation, our experts can tackle any challenges.

The company offers three key solution categories that can turn any complex project into a simple, creative, and fun digital solution:

  • Digital transformation: Designing strategies and business models, analyse data, and organise processes, carry out IT infrastructure and development, as well as innovation management.
  • Research and innovation: Designing actual products and services with the help of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as the Internet of Things.
  • Digital communication: Offering a full spectrum of services covering everything from digital marketing and planning to storytelling, content, data, and information visualisation, as well as the design of web and app-based communication products.


Partner role in the PLIADES project:

Hypertech, expert in exploitation & business planning, dissemination and validation of results and promoting partnerships, will lead WP8: Dissemination & Exploitation, Standardization and Liaison.