Energy@Work Società Cooperativa a r.l.

Energy@Work Società Cooperativa a r.l. (Energy@Work)

Location: Bari, Italy
Role: Beneficiary – Non-profit organisation

Energy@Work is an innovative non-profit innovative SME founded in 2014 and located in Monopoli, Apulia, Italy. The main goals for Energy@Work are the exploitation of researchers’ activities, protecting national young excellences in research, promoting on its own territory and abroad technological research and innovation. The scope of Energy@Work is to fill up existing gap between applied and industrial research, supporting partners during development of high technological products or services, disseminating and validating results, promoting partnerships between public and private entities.

Partner role in the PLIADES project:

Energy@Work is leading the definition and implementation of decentralization strategies for cloud, edge, and IoT data transfers, improving the reusability of data for decision support systems in different sectors such as energy and mobility, and integrating and evaluating comprehensive data lifecycle management in the sectors interested by the project, i.e. healthcare, industry, energy and Green Deal sectors. In particular, E@W activities focus on developing effective data ecosystems, human-centric data integration paradigms and applying AI-enabled techniques to ensure adaptability, security and compliance across different data spaces.